Published packages under .nuget directory deleted after UIPath Studio upgrade?

tl;dr - Does deinstalling UIPath Studio delete published packages under the local .nuget directory?


we have a server with several UIPath workflows published to Orchestrator. When published, the workflows are stored in the .nuget directory (one folder for each version):

C:\Users<User>.nuget\packages<Project name>< one folder for each project version>

Couple of days ago we updated UIPath Studio on that server to 19.10.4.

To our surprise, one day later we realized that all the version folders under ā€œC:\Users<User>.nuget\packages<Project name>ā€ were gone. This caused some issues with our robot runtime on that day, because the robot is referring to a rather important excel file in the .nuget folder which basically tells it, what was already processed.

Question: Iā€™m assuming that the UIPath Studio update caused the folders to disappear. Can anybody confirm this? Does deinstalling UIPath Studio delete the package folders?
(Iā€™m not referring to packages in terms of Excel, UIpath.activities, and so on - I am referring to packages in terms of published UIPath workflows)

Hi @bastian.heese, I just checked and removing UiPath does not touch the files under %userprofile$.nuget.

Two issues here:

  1. It will be hard to track down what caused the excel file to disappear. Any user could have modified it, or it could be related to how your user profiles are managed. If a user modified it, it would be pretty difficult to trace that out.

  2. The packages are should be treated as though they can be deleted at anytime. So putting config info in that folder is fine, but for excel folders that contain queue data, etc. I think you should put that outside of the nuget folder in a known location. (You could use buckets if you have 20.4 Orch)

But generally speaking the .nuget folder is a cache. And part of the design behind it is that it can be removed and rebuilt with ease.

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