Nuget folder suggestions

Whenever a process is published on Orchestrator and run on a machine, it creates a nuget package and stores the entire source code in the .nuget/packages folder. I have 2 feedback around this -

  • This can possess challenges because anyone having access to the .nuget package will have access to the entire source code which could be replicated quite easily. Could there be a better way to distribute the package.
    A similar query was raised 2 years ago - Can you hide source code when published?

  • Can there be an automatic clean-up of the older versions of the process which is occupying unnecessary space in the drive. Eg - A process which has moved up to version x.x.35 after bug-fixes and enhancements, will no longer be requiring the initial 15-20 versions. Even if an older version is needed then the same is already present on the Orchestrator, and will be downloaded automatically when the version is made active.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


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Thank you for your feedback @Nishant_Banka1

I’ll save it in our internal tracker so that our team can consider it when prioritizing new improvements :slight_smile:

Awaiting updates