Where will i see the NuGet pkg from local while publish the pkg to orchestrator

Hi all

Where should i see the NuGet pkg from local folder after we published the pkg to orchestrator?

Is it possible to store somewhere? i can see the pkg in orchestrator.

Please advice

Hi @divyanancypaul.it

You can get the NuGet package to local folder by publishing it as custom in UiPath Studio.
To Store the NuGet package to local folder.
→ Open the Project in UiPath Studio
→ Hit on Publish option in Design ribbon.
→ A Publish option popup window opens, In the Package Properties tab check the details of Project name, package version and hit on Next.
→ In the Publish options tab select the Custom option in Publish to dropdown and provide the path in Custom URL Field where to save the NuGet Package.
→ Click on Next button and finally hit on Publish.

Check the below image for better understanding,

The NuGet Package will save to the Local folder, You can publish those NuGet Package in the Orchestrator in My Package tab in Automation option.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @divyanancypaul.it ,

Before Publishing please check which orchestrator folder you are publishing the packages then respective folder you will find the NuGet PKG for the process.

Here you can select the folder where you want to publish the packages

If you are publishing to Tenant feed then go to tenant >Packages there you will find the packages list

If you are publishing to a separate folder then go to the folder >Automations>FolderPackages

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