How can i have a message box indicate "The process is running" until the process will end plz?

How can i have a message box indicate “The process is running” until the process will end plz ?

Use the Message Box activity to show a message box.

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Yes but i don’t need the button “OK” i just need a message box indicate the message during the process and when the process finish than the message disapear

You could have your process click “OK” on this box once the activity is complete.

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how can i do that plz ?

This was apparently a case of “Easier said than done”. The Message Box activity hangs until the user or anything else closes it, but it needs to run in the background.

I found an alternate solution. Use the UiPath.DesktopNotification.Activities package in your package manager (you will need to download this). I’ve attached a workflow that shows how this works. (12,2 Ko)


Thank you my friend it works but not until the end of the process, it stoped after 10s.

How can i do to let the notification be visible during the all process plz ?