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I am using the UiPath Studio Pro 2020 and in my project, I need to indicate a screen that contains a button, but this button doesn’t have a fixed location on the screen, it gets a different location for each screen refresh, Thus, I need a tool that identifies the right location of this green button and then make it receive a mouse click.

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Hi @tuliovrg,

You may try the following things:

  1. Use the UI Explorer to see if the selector can be adjusted in a way so that everytime it will find reliably the the buttom

  2. Click Text if the text of the buttom is present and appears once per page

  3. Click Image action if the buttom has the same form and text

Hi @tuliovrg

Can u use anchor base activitiy in which u find the element and then u use click activitiy for clicking it

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Make a selector with ui explorer and only select aaname property and button tag property and select the simulate property of click. It will work.

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR, thank you so much for your solution.

I am also want to appreciate all help from @Gabriele_Camilli and @ghazanfar.

I have opened a new ticket about how to set a condition at Ui Automation > Find Element:

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