Not installing on Windows 7



I downloaded UI Path Community Addition and the installer said me to download and install .NET framework 4.6.
Upon approaching Microsoft, the only suitable candidate appeared to me was .NET framework 4.6.2.
But the installer of .NET framework 4.6.2. says it is not meant for this OS (i.e. Windows 7 on my PC).

I double checked with compatibility modes and Run as Administrator but nothing works. I checked the website for requirements of UI Path Studio but it is not mentioned anywhere. I also searched for it in this forum but not getting a clear picture.


Did you download from this link


I downloaded from this link.

Because the UIPATHSTUDIO installer redirected me to this link.

Microsoft hotifixes and frameworks are sometimes really confusing, so I decided to go with the link installer provides.

However, the link you provided is not able to give me a popup of the download. It just refreshes but no download occurs. And therefore I hate microsoft website as this happens with maximum downloads of Microsoft. Could it be my adblock (offtopic)?


strange :wink:
can you try this one


First of all I am really thankfull for your efforts and quick responces.

I tried this new link and I could find 3 links on the page related to downloading .NET 4.6 as in below image

Link 1 is the same link as you shared earlier ( which does not show any pop up or automatic download.

Link2 and Link3 lets me download small files whihc are probably online installer (~20mb) and both says that this installer is not for this OS.

I also added the website to whitelist of adblock but still its not working.


Succeeded in downloading but now .NET 4.6 is showing problem.

On searching it seems like Windows 7 SP1 is needed prior to .NET 4.6.
I believe its enough reason to mention on the system requirements of UIPathStudio as searching for requirements of .NET frameworks is not easy for layman. After all we are using UIPathStudio instead of programs is because we are non-nerds. Even .NET 4.6 requirement is not mentioned in the website anywhere. I am not including forum as a valid mention as people use software first and register to forums much later. Infact many of them do not register to forum even.


But its already mentioned though :slight_smile:


I dont know where this screenshot is coming from. I cannot find a link for such page on website.

If it exists, it really has been given a name that does not suggest anything remotely to system requirements or TechSpecs which is normally understandable to us, the non-nerd guys.