Installation on windows 7 issue

Installer(.exe or .msi):exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): community edition

Studio/Robot version:

Current behavior:


Hi ,
I have downloaded the community edition but unable to install it. It’s asking for the .net framework. I tried installing the .net framework 4.5 / 4.6. None of them are getting installed on my system which is windows 7 . Have Installed SP1 as well. Could you please support me about what is to be done next.

Have you tried this;


I haven’t tried this. Will give it a try.
Thanks a lot.

Tried the above link. not working. it says not supported. can someone suggest me what to do?

Thanks. My problem is resolved. My system supports .net framework 4.5.2.

Great, thanks for the update. It’s often related to a missing installation of .NET framework.

I am unable to install the community edition of UI-path. I have also tried to install the .net framework 4.6/4.7 but it is not working in windows 7. What should I do now?? Please suggest.
Please find the below screenshots:

Can you help with steps you did to resolve the issue.
I have windows 7 OS with .NET framework 4.5.2 still UiPath is not getting installed .
It is asking for .NET version > 4.6.

Hey! Did your query resolved?
I’m also having the same Issue

While installing UI Path Studio in my Windows-7 PC it is showing an error message as “This application requires one of the following versions of the .NET Framework: .NET Framework version= v4.6.1” and while installing .NET Framework 4.6.1, it is showing another error message as "The .NET Framework 4.6.1 is not supported on this operating system (My OS is Windows-7).
Can any one help me to install UI Path Studio in Windows-7 OS ?

Hello Jagadish,

Unfortunately, Windows 7’s end of life is quickly approaching on January 14th, 2020 as per Microsoft. At this point, I think it would be suggestable to upgrade your system to Windows 10 instead of attempting to get it to work on Windows 7.