Not Found HTTP Post in 18.1 version

I can’t see web activities in 18.1 version. Please let me know how to achieve.

Hello there,
Do you have UiPath.Web.Activities package installed?

I didn’t find that package in package manager

Please click on available tab and then look for it.

There is no web activities in available section.

Hi @dineshsigaram,

Import this namespace in ur project(import tab)

Check before uipath.web.activities already installed, if not need to install


UiPath.Web.Activities.Design.HttpClientWithBodyFactory is not populating this namespace in Imports tab.

Neither package nor namespace is available in studio.

UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.1.1.6382.14556.nupkg (64.5 KB)
see the section Adding Your Own Packages

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Thanks. Activity installed successfully.

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Thanks for posting it, ddpadil. But does anyone know why UiPath stopped shipping this through the normal Package Manager Gallery?