Not Found HTTP Post in 18.1 version



I can’t see web activities in 18.1 version. Please let me know how to achieve.

Web Service - API - UI Path
UiPath 2018.1 HTTPRequest , SOAPRequest and Deserialize Json

Hello there,
Do you have UiPath.Web.Activities package installed?


I didn’t find that package in package manager


Please click on available tab and then look for it.


There is no web activities in available section.


Hi @dineshsigaram,

Import this namespace in ur project(import tab)

Check before uipath.web.activities already installed, if not need to install



UiPath.Web.Activities.Design.HttpClientWithBodyFactory is not populating this namespace in Imports tab.


Neither package nor namespace is available in studio.


UiPath.WebAPI.Activities.1.1.6382.14556.nupkg (64.5 KB)
see the section Adding Your Own Packages


Thanks. Activity installed successfully.


Thanks for posting it, ddpadil. But does anyone know why UiPath stopped shipping this through the normal Package Manager Gallery?