UiPath.WebAPI.Activities package not found in any feed

Hi All,
When i try to install the Uipath.WebApi.Activities in my new project, i could not found the Activities in manage package window with Include Prerelease.
Here i’m using Studio 2019.10.0
please anyone suggest me for any alternative packages


Check in the manage package console whether all the sources are enabled as shown in the below image, enable it all and then check again.


It seems there are some trouble at myget.org, and we cannot access it.

Probably, this is the reason we cannot find it.

I request you to wait some time and then check it.


Could you please check now once and you can find uipath.web.activities package.

Now myget.org site was up.

Thank for your replay
Now its fine ,i’m able to download the package.

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