Value cannot be null. Parameter name: password

I am trying out the Orchestrator tutorial Practice 3. When I run the robot from orchestrator, I am getting the alert Value cannot be null. Parameter name: password
How to handle if a user do not have a password?


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Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

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Which password are you exactly referring to here? The users computer password? And you are saying the user dont have a password is it?

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I think what you are doing here, is trying to is creating a machine in the Orchestrator

For doing that, the orchestrator needs your domain and the password as well for the user you are creating the robot to run on

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Yes, that is right. User does not have a password.

Well I dont think its possible to use it without a password… This comes to the security concern as well…

I think the best way is to introduce a password for the user… it is the best approach to take


Had the same issue before as my windows PC doesn’t have any user/password.

To solve it, just go to your Robots, edit the one you will use, and at Password, below Domain\Username, type something, just don’t leave that blank - I’ve used “password”.
Afterwards it should work fine.


this worked for me as well :sweat_smile:

@CristianR88 Thank you. I also struggled in this issue a lot after viewed your comment then i got output successfully.