Orchestrator Job is failed to run

Hi Community,

When I run the bot from VM/uipath assistant, it’s running fine. But when I set up scheduled job in orchestrator this error is coming.


(I’m using uipath studio pro Enterprise Licensed Edition.)
can anyone help?

Hi @chiranjit.saha1

What error it is throwing?

below is error details. and above pop up is error image

  • Process: xxxxx
  • Environment:
  • Robot: xxx3@xxx.com-unattended
  • Machine name: xxx
  • Info: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: password

RemoteException wrapping System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: password
at UiPath.Service.PasswordCredential…ctor(UserIdentity user, SecureString password)
at UiPath.Service.Orchestrator.NotificationProcessor.d__14.MoveNext()

  • Start Time: 02/01/2021 2:00:02 AM
  • End Time: 02/01/2021 2:00:02 AM
  • keyboard_arrow_right Input Values: Object

Output Values: null

  • Has Recording: false

I think please check whether the asset password is null

I think the password parameters is null then n your Workflow

Could you check it please


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

I checked it , found that there is username and password stored in orchestrator… But still got that error

Like check the work flow too

Same workflow I’ve used in another VM, it’s running fine … But in this VM I found this error


I found out I was giving wrong password to orchestrator… Everything is fine otherwise. It’s running fine now…Thanks for help

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