I am not able to send SMTP mail using Gmail account, i have entered the port as 465 and but it is showing this error.

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Check below post for your reference

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This message shows you failed to check revocation for the server certificate. This means probably you failed to get revocation information via CRL and/or OCSP.
Do you access from intranet? If so, please check network settings including http proxy, because it usually uses HTTP/HTTPS.


What to do, I am not able understand what u are saying.

Hi @Syed_Husnain_Ali ,

In order to send SMTP mails with your Gmail Account, you have to first enable Less Secure App Access in your Gmail Account.

To do so, first head over to → Security → Enable Less Secure Apps

And in the Send Mail Activity, ensure you have toggled the the SecureConnection field over to None as Auto can sometimes lead to issues.

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Ashwin A.K

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Disable antivirus if any installed and the
Give a try

This should be working

And still if you are getting as a Send SMTP Mail Message: 534: 5.7.9 Application-specific password required

Try with app password feature for scoured way of approach

Learn more at
5.7.9 Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help w64sm2979340pgd.67 - gsmtpsecond step

I would suggest to NOT DISABLE LESS SECURE APP as it is not recommended

But still if you are fine with that then disable and give a try
For that steps are as mentioned below

Hope this would help you resolve this
Cheers @Syed_Husnain_Ali


For now, can you share if there is a http proxy in your environment?
And also, can you check if there are any logs regarding this exception in EventViewer of OS (WindowsLogs-Applciation)?


Please try below settings.
Google Help