Not able to Run Use application activity in unattended mode

currently using “Use application” activity for “Microsoft dynamics ERP” when i run in attended mode(from studio, assistant or even from orchestrator from being inside the VDI) it is working fine. But when i schedule it or run as an unattended mode it is not able to identify the UI element. I have tried with changing all the available input methods in its property.
Has anyone used “use application” activity and running it in “unattended” mode.

Hi @sathishkumar1 ,

Have you tried with same environment for attended mode & Unattended mode?

Yes. same environment works fine with attended mode.

Hi @sathishkumar1,

Use attach window activity & activate the screen inside it using Activate activity, It enables activate the particular Uielement. Give some delay based on screen loading if it takes time

Try & let me know, Hope this will work


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Varun, Thanks a lot for reply. That is my next option, but wanted to try if “use application” activity will work because i have an code which is developed using “use application” in most of the places.

Hi @sathishkumar1

Try to give some delay before entering into application as it is loading