Can Activate and Set focus used in simulate mode

Can Activate and Set focus used in simulate mode? For example I want to run a process while the machine is being locked. Thank you in advance.

Hi @midori ,
We can run a UiAutomation process in background If you have unattended license of Robot linked with Orchestrator

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Both the activities focused on a UI ELEMENT
so if your are running in attended bot license you have to keep your machine open
With Attended license you can do this only in foreground which means machine has to be kept open
And it’s not possible to run in background as these activities involve interacting with UI Elements
Background process in attended mode will work only if there is no UI based activities, which mean you can run the bot and do other operations in same machine mean time, so called “Background”

But if you are using unattended license you can include these activities and run when the machine is off

So choose your license accordingly and then you will be able to do this
Hope this helps

Cheers @midori

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UiPath’s “Activate” and “Set Focus” activities are typically used for interacting with applications and elements on the desktop. These activities are designed to work within the context of a running Windows environment where the user interface (UI) elements are accessible and interactable. They are not intended to work in simulate mode or in scenarios where the machine is locked.

When a machine is locked, the desktop environment is usually not accessible to automation because the UI elements are not available for interaction. UiPath automation typically operates within a user session, and if the machine is locked, UiPath will not be able to perform actions on UI elements.

If you need to perform actions on a locked machine or in scenarios where the UI elements are not available, you would typically need to use different techniques, such as running your automation as a background process or using other methods for remote execution and control.

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Hope it’s clarified
If yes would recommend to close the topic

If not we can still keep it open for discussion

Cheers @midori