Extract data from data table


I would like to extract certain components from a data table (for instance, the position 2,2) and convert it to a string variable.

How could I do it?

Thanks a lot

Use Getrow item and check @pal1910

You’ll need to have a for each row activity, and for each row use an if statement to check you’re on the desired row. Then use a get row item and specify which row item you would like to retrieve. The output of the get row item activity can be the string variable you would like to end with. Example xaml:

Retrieve_Datatable_Item.xaml (8.9 KB)

Thank you very very much.

Is it not possible to use the Get row item activity without using the For each row activity?


Not that I know of, as I don’t think you can specify the datatable for the get row item activity in isolation.

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Get Row item is expecting a Datarow variable, you can for example access it using by index as follow


or even using dt.AsEnumerable via a linq expression

ex: dt.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(r) r("Id").toString = "25").first()


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follow output data table activity in the below video.