Not Able to read displaying value from formulated excel sheet

Dear Forum members,

My problem is that i have one excel sheet which is formulated means each cell has some formulas to display the values.
When i am reading the excel files with Uipath normal activities then i am an not getting the exact values which are displaying in excel sheet. In data table i am getting garbage values.

Please suggest me to read the correct values.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Yankit_Singh_R ,

Use excel application read range and see whether you are getting correct values or not. Some times using workbook read range will provide wrong results of excel cells have formulas. Thanks.


Thanks for the response.

I have tried both the method Excel application scope and workbook activity. But getting wrong values. Thanks.

Ok. If you are using workbook read range try with preserve format option to be checked. Try and let us know.Thanks.


I checked preserve format option also, but still not getting correct data.

Could you please suggest any other way.


Hi @Yankit_Singh_R ,

Is it possible for you to Describe How different the Original values are from the Values retrieved ?

Also, Could you also provide a input data Sample of the excel for us to test it from our end ?