Reading Formulated Excel Values (E.g. VLOOKUP)


I’m trying to get UiPath to read a range of excel with formulated values but it is not retrieving the values that I want.

The formulas that I’m using in Excel are just data validation (drop down list of strings, and VLOOKUP referenced to another sheet).
E.g. Fruit 1 = Apple, Fruit 2 = Pear, Fruit 3 = Orange

But I’m not able to retrieve the values of Fruit 1, it just shows output as NA.

How do I resolve this issue?

Thanks and regards!

Hi @wootberries24,

First, will you check if the excel option for formulas automatic calculation is “ON” .
(Excel-> File- >Option → Formulas - set the radio button to automatic.

Second, if the file is not confidential appreciate if you can share it to this group. so We can look at it and address it more accurately.

Ideally, uipath reads the value from excel file as a text hence, I am guessing with the information that you shared that either the formula itself has an error, the read range was not set properly or the automatic calculation was not set to automatic.

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N/A will be displayed if the value is not available in the sheet which you are looking for the data. Make sure doing the vlookup manually once and check if you are getting the data and then try using it uipath which will help you to understand if you miss anything :slight_smile:

Hi all, appreciate the help!

The issue was my VLOOKUP values were showing N/A hence all I had to do was set the values in VLOOKUP to be elseif blank so UiPath will not pick it up.

Thank you all!

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