Not able to pass variable in API(Post Method)

The requirement is using http activity i need to send message in Discord. I am able to do it sucessfully in the corresponding channel as expected. But the issue is i am not able to customize the message.
For example the message content should be “Data Changed for <>”
in the content tab if i give “Data Changed for” + VariableName it is sending message as it is…i am not able to print the value in the VariableName.

kindly help…Thanks in advance

Can you please provide some screenshots of the steps that you have done so far in UiPat Studio?
The information that you already provided is not enough for somebody to start helping you.

Thanks for understanding.

In the content parameter i am trying to pass the variable Temp which has value Test(example). I tried multiple combinations but all of them in vain. In DIscord it is not printing the value. Attached both screenshot for your reference.
Thanks in advance

Are you sure that the content should be placed inside the Parameters section?
Did you try to insert the needed data in the Body section?

when i tried to place in body, it says invalid Json.

Do you have a tested example in Postman? Based on that example you should build the request in UiPath Studio.

Any help on this? I am still not able to figure out how to send value in the variable in the content parameter