Passing Variables in body for HTTP POST Method

Hi All,

I am trying to pass string variable in the Body in Post HTTP request but unable to pass and it is not recognizing below is my syntax.


Am I doing anything wrong over here in the above syntax?

@srinucslt hello, I also tried defining the parameters in the HTTP body pane as you said in one post but still facing an error saying unrecognized

Any solution to this

Hi @Pavan_Srikar

Write the below data in txt file


And save it

Now in Uipath

  1. Use read text file activitiy to read the above text file and store in string varaible "input*

  2. Now use below assign activitiy to replace the varaible1 and varaible2 text with values in varaible 1 and varaible2

input=input.Replace(“Name1”, varaible 1).Replace(“AcctNo2”, variable 2)

Now put the input varaible in body of http request.

This will help

Mark it as solution if it solves ur query.


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Hi, @NIVED_NAMBIAR Tried the above scenario as is , getting an error below.

Used this below



Hi @Pavan_Srikar ,

You can try passing variables like this

“{”“Name”“: " &Variable.ToString & “,”“AccountNo”: “&Variable2.ToString &”}”

Hope this helps



Hi, @1996 Thanks for the reply, tried the above one did some tweaking as per my API expecting it

“{”“Name”“: “”” &NAME1.ToString &“”“,”“AccountNo”“: “”” &ACCOUNTNU1 &“”“}”


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