How to give values of variables in postman to http in uipath?

I have a lot of variables in postman.
I have three APIs, all three have their own set of keys and values in body.

How can I pass variables and body values in http activity of UiPath?

Can you post your code here with dummy data… But if you are using invoke code to write the call you need to import the variables into this code as arguments

Hi @anushka.prasad

To pass different sets of keys and values in the body for each of your three APIs, you can create separate Input Arguments for each set of keys and values and use them in the Body Editor accordingly.

If you have variables in Postman that you want to use as values for these Input Arguments when running the UiPath workflow, you can pass them as arguments when invoking the UiPath process using the UiPath Assistant or Orchestrator. This way, you can run the UiPath process with different sets of keys and values from Postman.