API POST containing data from the Queue

Hi folks

I have a question. I have processed some data and I have returned a Failed status for an example in the Queue. I want to create a POST call that will send this data to another system, containing everything or some of the information that is in the queue item.

Any suggestion how to achieve this in the HTTP Request.

Or to put it even more simply : How to put a variable value inside a POST call :slight_smile: ?


Hi @Mihajlo_Stojanovski

The easiest would be via the Body property of the HTTP request activity. This of course depends on your target service. The HTTP activity is quite potent, but requires you to know the specification of the target service.

You can play around with it by using a website like webhook.site, which generates a URL for you to use with the activity for testing :slight_smile:

Hey loginerror!

Thank you very much for your input! That solved it.

So, if someone is interested for this:

  1. Create a HTTP Request in UiPath
  2. In the Properties window click on Parameters options (…) //You can use Body//
  3. Enter the name of the parameters that you would like to have and link them with the Values (variables)
    You are done.

To test it, I have found an interesting site for POST test. https://ptsv2.com/

  1. Click on New Random Toilet
  2. You will see Post URL: This is your URL that you will put in the HTTP Request.
  3. As soon as you start running the tests, Dumps will be created and you can view the POSTs that you have made in UiPath.

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