Not able to install the package

Hi team,
I am not able to install the attached package, getting below error.


Kindly help/suggest.

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Hi @Hariprasad,
Please check if you have all feeds enabled in options. Please check if firewall or proxy is not blocking you as well.

Hi @Pablito:
Seems like no firewall is blocking, can you please suggest how to proceed further.
Thanks in advance!


Are you able to install other packages successfully ? Could you please try to install other packages once.

If you still get same error then you have to check Firewall and proxy etc…

Hi @Hariprasad

Which version of Uipath are you using


I got it
Make sure that you have imported Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel inside the studio in IMPORTS tab near to Variable panel
—once imported then install this package
—it will work for sure

Cheers @Hariprasad

Hi @AshwinS2




Its been already imported and still facing the same issue. Kindly help.


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Strange. I tried installing it and it worked. I don’t even have this dependency for editing: “Edit Dependency : Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel”. That’s more for usage than for installation.

Can you:

(a) Click on “Open Logs” in the “Warning” dialog and share that screenshot.

(b) Share a screenshot of the dependencies you already have installed.

Alternatively, we could just ask the creator of this package - Vikas Kulhari.

Paging @vikaskulhari. Hello, hello.

Kindly uninstall and reinstall the studio and try once
Cheers @Hariprasad


It appears your assembly binding logging is turned off. Your output panel is telling you what to do. Try reinstalling your UiPath Studio once again (clean install) as @Palaniyappan suggested. If it still doesn’t work, try enabling your assembly binding. Some help on how to do that: Blackbaud

More on stackoverflow, asp.Net forums and docs.MS.

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