Not able to include DLL in UiPath

We have custom dll prepared for one specific activity. I am not able to run it. Can you please suggest a way to make this work.

Please refer below links


We are still not able to add .dll files to UiPath. Can you please help with step by step guide to do that?


Can you give a brief at which step you are facing problem?


We created a function, and took .dll files of that function and converted them into .nupkg files and save that in UiPath packages folder in program files. Now we want to install the packages we saved in UiPath, but I am not able to see the packages in “Manage Packages” in UiPath. Please guide how can I install the packages in UiPath?

Did you try unchecking Filter Activities check box on the left bottom of Packages window?


Do you have any class inheriting from Activity classes (Activity, CodeActivity, NativeActivity)?
If no, do you have an IRegisterMetadata implementation in that .dll?

Please check articles linked by @vvaidya carefully and maybe try to create a simple activity with w/e in it, just to see if you can import.


I have found the activity and installed it, But I am not able to call the activity in my script. I installed ITextSharp activity to merge PDF. Ideally, I should be able to call it via “Merge.MergePDF (destination, source)”, but I am unable to see it in UiPath activity or directly call it via script. Could you please help?

thank you soooo much… it helped me in my issue…

You can configure source path as follows goto-> packages->Avaliable->right click->Configure Sources to set the path where the UiPath should search the Activity package, refer to the screenshot as well