Get Text: Could not find the UI element corresponding to this selector

Hello everyone, tried to ran my webprocess, but i got the following problem.

This is how my UI-Explorer ooks like:

Could someone please help be about that?

Using chrome.exe with no other properties (idx=* is the same as not having the idx property there at all) isn’t going to work. If you have more than one Chrome window or tab open it won’t know which one to use. Usually you’d want title or url or something in there to make the selector specific to a Chrome window/tab.

Also, you’re using parentid and with that value of inPopDivInner1_2 I’m wondering if it changes each time. IDs often will change each time a page loads. Try to use other properties of the parent that won’t change. aaname is a good one to use.

And class=val with tableRow=1 tag=TD may not be specific enough.

Open UI Explorer and click what you’re trying to get the text from, and show what UI Explorer gives you. Post a screenshot of the other properties of the chrome window/tab, the parent, and the object by clicking each one and taking a screenshot of the right side panel.

Hello @ANGE

I’m Not sure What is the UI Element that you are selecting, if possible please share the ui element screenshot,

Best Practice for selector is
Keep the IDX value less than 2
Use aaname for better identification of uielement
Use wild cards(*) for for changing values.

The recommendation is to make the selector specific to a Chrome window/tab by including properties such as title or url. Instead of using parentid, which may change each time the page loads, other properties such as aaname should be used. Using class=val with tableRow=1 tag=TD may not be specific enough. To better understand the properties, open UI Explorer and click on the element to see the properties of the Chrome window/tab, parent, and object.

Hi @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 I want to open differents Windows pages, one after another. How can i specify the selector to do that?

Hi @ANGE ,

This might help you!

Hi @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 i tried this way, but i couldn’t find a solution.