Not able to handle in/out argument between different xaml

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I am attaching sample zip folder containing one main and three sample xaml files.

From “main”
I am invoking sample1 xaml file.
edit argument : flagOne —> out (Receiving from sample1 xaml)

In sample1 we have some operation and in “else” block there is one flag which i am making it “false” , and sending flagOne of “out” type.

Now,in “main” i am creating argument “flagOne” → " in "
after this if condition is there “flagOne = False” , then invoke sample2.

Here i am getting problem.
Even though "then " block got executed in sample1 still in “main” flagOne condition is executed and "sample2 " is called.

same thing happening if from sample2 "flagTwo " is set to "False " , again when it comes to main it invokes sample 3 even though "then " block is executed in sample2.

In any condition all the if blocks in main is getting called.

Please have a look and guide me where i am doing wrong. Sample (6.2 KB)

I am new to uipath :slight_smile:

I am invoking sample1 xaml file.
edit argument : flagOne —> out-> here you are not assigning this value to any other variable. hence this will be empty always. you should assign the variable flagOne to flagOne out argument
–in main click on import argument in invoke workflow. and assign the variable.

same issue is with all invoke workflow.

Hi ,

I tried the way you suggested. but it didn’t workout. Can you please edit the xaml which i sent , so that i can understand it clearly.

You can edit the xaml which i have sent if you want, so that i can understand it better.

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@Tabish_Faridi Try below file, i have edited ur workflow.

Sample (6.6 KB)

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