How to pass a value from 1 xaml to 2nd xaml and same value from 2nd xaml to 3rd xaml


suppose i have a string in 1st xaml, i want to pass this string to 2nd xaml and store, again i want to pass the same string from 2nd xaml to 3rd xaml…How to do that…?


Create xaml3 with inargument(arg2)
Create xaml2 with inargument(arg1)
Create xaml1 with var1
Call xaml2 from xaml1 using invoke workflow activity and pass parameter var1 against arg1
call xaml3 from xaml2 using invoke workflow activity and pass parameter arg1 against arg2
see for yourself the value of message box(arg2) in xaml 3. you should have same value as in var1

    Invoke workflow::xaml2
    Invoke Workflow::xaml3


yeah, assuming you are not familiar with invoke :wink: here is valuable information. please take a look


Hello. This is just a suggestion.
Instead of Invoking into 2nd xaml then from there to a 3rd xaml, call both of them in a Main xaml like in a Flowchart then connect the workflows together with Invoke Workflow.

Both workflows should have an “In” argument that you can send in the string that is stored in the Main xaml like the 2 posters above showed. You will just want to restructure the 2nd workflow process so you can call the 3rd workflow when you need to all inside the Main xaml.

The main reason I’m suggesting this (other than for organization) is that you will need to track down your invoke activity buried deep in the sequence any time you want to make a change to the arguments. When you can access all your workflow processes from the same file/flowchart it makes editing and development easier.



Thanks for the reply, actually i was getting problem with direction in invoke workflow…But now my issue is resolved.
and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: