Not able to forward outlook mail

Scenario: When I try to forward a mail, I get below msg.

Please help me what’s wrong here in the code.

Test.xaml (11.2 KB)

1st Qn are you able to read the mail from the mailfolder “Inbox\Vendor Creation Pilot\New Vendor”?
Please pass only “Inbox” and give a try.

Hi @legendz

I tried running your workflow with just a minor change(read only unread mails), and it seems to work fine i.e it is sending/forwarding the unread mail to different email id.

I have attached the snapshot for your reference.

This proves that the robo is not able to read the mails from your outlook.




Thanks for trying.

This is part of a big project. The code is able to read the mails from that folder and do processing on the email inputs.

And finally we need to forward the mail to an approver. Somehow the forward mail is not working on the mails from a folder. (Note : The forward mail works fine when I’m doing it directly from the Inbox.)

I managed to send a new mail to the approver attaching the request email as a workaround until we can find a solution for this.

Could you please create folder “New Vendor”" outside the inbox and give a try.