Forward Mail Message with Send Outlook Message


The Activity Send Oultook Mail Message throws an error when putting a MailMessage in the Forward property.
(NullReference Exception, as if the Mail Message was empty).

It may be related to the issue described in this topic.


It’s working for me. Could you please attach your workflow or elaborate more what exactly your trying to do with your workflow.

Here is my workflow (just getting an Outlook mail and trying to forward it).

After few experiments I found out that it works only when I specify “Inbox” in the Get Outlook Mail Messages and not other custom folders.

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

So it working now.? :slight_smile:

Works only when i want to get messages from the main Inbox folder from Outlook, but not when the messages I get are from an another folder of Outlook.

Edit : Looks like it’s not depending on the mail folder like I first said but only on the mail message itself. Works with some only, I’m gonna investigate further


Not sure why its not working with “Drafts” folder where as its working with any other folder i created in the outlook.

PS: Please make sure your not creating other folder inside “Inbox” folder bcz then the path format varies.
Try to create folder outside the “Inbox” and give a try. it will work. :slight_smile:

After few tests it looks like that mail messages that are written with HTML do not work.

But those written with either plain or rich text do not throw errors

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When i tried with this example, i get an error : “Send Outlook Mail Message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

Hi ,
I am also facing same error, have you resolved it.

Check if there is an update for the Outlook Activities.

am also trying to forward email… its working but am not able to add content in body and sub… its just forward actual mail…

while giving forward mail: mailMessages

i need add Forward mail sub as: Exception_mailMessages.subject

Did you try this way?


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unable to create .subject and Body…

fwemail - pls tell me what is the data type for that veriable.

Hi @kuppuraj.k,
The datatype used is MailMessage. Hope this helps.


not worked…

Facing same issue…want to add body and subject but forward tick wont allow it

There is multiple attachments in mail. I simply want to forward my mail with all attachments.
Number of attachments are changing every time.
Please give me the suggestions.

I got the solution. If we have to forward the mil then simply use forward property from Send Outlook mail message activity.

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Can you please share the workflow