Get Orchestrator Credential is not returning username and password

I am using REFramework and trying to get credintial from asset,which is declared in orchestrator.but it is not returning the user and password.

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Kindly check whether the robot is connected to orchestrator
Or if it’s connected ensure that right machine is connected
Or even if right machine is connected recheck knce with the asset meant in GET CREDENTIALS activity

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Hi @Shubhash_Jha

If it is not returning the credentials, may I know what exactly happens? Does it give an error? Or does it return any other value?

make sure orchestrator and robot is on and connected
assign your config credential to your login argument.
Spelling is very important.


System1_url and System1_Credintial is showing blank in System1_login


if it is showing blank even you keep on putting/typing it. please check the spelling.
Spelling must be same from config excel and in the studio and Orchestrator. all spelling from be same.

Kindly check these
–ensure that in_config has arguments assigned to it while using INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity
–then check whether the exact name which is there in the config file is called as a key along the dictionary variable inside the system_login

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Hi ,

I have cheked in config file and in same


when using config(“System1_url”).Tostring,getting compiler error.Config is not declared

aaah…this should be the problem
kindly check whether any variable named config of type dictionary is created or not along the process and also in_config a IN argument of type dictionary is created that takes in the config variable values.

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I am facing the same problem,I am doing this by watching youtube video where his program is running file without connected to orchestrator, but it is not returning the user and password in my case.

I need to solve the Client Security Hash assignment.

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May I know what Error is throwing

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No Error as such,Browser is opening but on Email saying it is mandatory field

U are not using orchestrator right?

So where are ur credentials to access it ?

Is it from Windows credentials manager?


no I have saved it on Orchestrator in assets,Thanks it’s working now…

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Hi @Nidhi_Jain, happy to hear that u got that

If u don’t want to store ur credentials details in orchestrator u can use Windows credentials manager where u can store ur credentials details

In Uipath u can directly access it using package Uipath.Credential.Activities. , Inside that there is a activitiy called get secure credentials which help in retrieving the credentials values from the windows credentials manager

Try this way too

Hope it helps

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Okay, actually I need to submit UIPATH assignment using Framework. and I lost job due to Pandemic now i am hoping only RPA will help me out from this.

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