Not Able to extract Data Table from ACME System3 Application


Not Able to extract Data Table from ACME System3 Application. I am Afraid if question related to this will come in Advanced Certification I would fail.
Anyone please help me for the issue.

Hi @Rajneesh_Yadu

What do you mean by not able to extract data from acme system 3.

Does it give any error?

On Clicking Table Cell using Data Scrapping method, Error “This control does not support data extraction. Please select a table cell.” is throwing.image

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando do you know any workaround.


Which website are you using while extracting data from acme, I think you are using microsoft edge, use internet explorer for extracting.

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I am not extracting data from any browser, it a desktop application ACME system-3, which I downloaded from ACME system-1 from user option menu.


May I know why are trying it in desktop application ?

Do you mean that data scrapping is not for desktop application.


From where you are downloading this desktop ACME System 3 application.

GoTo >>User Option Menu >> Download Client and Support

There click on hyperlink Click Here.

Thankyou @Lahiru.Fernando, @anil5, @lakshman I cleared the certification exam.


hi I am stuck at this now. Did you find any solution for it?

I don’t have solution for this. There are many other Open thread with same issue without solution.

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