Extract Data Table from ACME System3 Application


I am facing issue with extract data table from account movements page in System 3 Desktop app. How could i get all amount till last value.

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I wanted to PM you about this haha :smiley:
So I could not scrape those data myself, but i had some kind of a solution.

The solution is to click on the 1st transaction, scrape the values, get the Amount then do it for every transactionID.

I will send you the workflow, see if it works for you.

Note this one is a slow solution since I could not make it to work with data scraping because of the selector

System 3 - GetAllTransactionListItems.xaml (16.0 KB)

So to test this you have to match numbers in red square from picture 1 and picture 2 and your System 3 application have to be on the page from picture 2

Also, do not move your mouse, this solution is very fragile but it works :slight_smile:

Tell me if you succeded


Thanks @srdjan.suc it works for me.

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It is not a good solution but it works :smiley:

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