No available licenses

Dear Team,

I am getting error while creating unattended type robot .
No available licenses: the number of new machine slots exceed total license count(#1916)

Please suggest the solution.


Hi @autpat

This usually happens when you have more machines connected to your orchestrator than you are licensed for. What you can do is disconnect one of the machines that aren’t currently using a license from the orchestrator. This would depend on the kind of licensing you have as well.

Hi Jacqui,

Thanks for update !!

How do I disconnect the machine in orchestrator, Please update.



Actually old machine is not showing in Orchestrator and also old robots does not showing. Because of that Not able to remove the old machine and robots,
Please suggest here.

Hey Achyut,

From your start menu (presuming you are using Windows), please search for the UiPath Robot if you’re using an older enterprise edition. If you are using UiPath Community then search for UiPath Assistant. The navigation should be closely related between the two:

If you’re connected to an orchestrator, your settings below will be prepopulated and you will see a disconnect button:

Hi Jpanda,

I am using community edition and old machine and old roots are not showing.
And I have created new machine today but not able to create unattended robot.

Also please let me know, could we add new tenant or service so that I will connect currently created machine with new tenant.