Not able to create Asset

Hello Everyone
I am not able to create asset in UiPath 2020 version.
Although I provided necessary inputs in required fields still that CREATE button is not getting activate.
Please help What to do?


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Once check do you have access to create Assets or not.


Hello Sir
I have checked that in following settings.
Users–>Role–>All roles
I have access in all the roles which have been already there.
Please help
am I in right settings or there is other place where I can check access?

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Hi @Kishor_Khalane
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The reason is that , their shroud be definitely some mismatch in your data when you careating the asset, thats why you will not be able to activate your “Create” button

I suggest please recheck your data , there should be something missing somewhere

See this one
Don’t know why it is not getting activated.

Looks like you are adding a value per robot. Scroll down and there should be a add button for the entry then you should be able to click create.

See this one

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Please turn off the Global Value or provide a global value.

While Global Value is enabled, it must have a value and the Value per robot is optional. If Global Value is disabled the value per robot is mandatory.

image image
image image


hi @Kishor_Khalane
as you mentioning you are putting global value empty .
if its empty , just turn off your Global value buttonui

then it will be activated

Thank You Very Much
Problem solved now

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