How can I add the asset value?

Hello, How can I add the asset value?

according to the manual below.
About Assets (

It seems like it appears a specific version of the Orchestrator.

How can I add and check the list?

Thank you in advance.

@rudgns99 if you need to give access to particular user then select dropdown arrow and select the user and the machine and value of asset

Hi @rudgns99 ,

i think you clicked the Add robot asset value so it is asking the mandatory value user details to be entered or selected in the asset panel.

the option Add robot asset value we should use when to create the per-account or per-account-machine asset values desired.

if you wish to create asset in global and it is not related to per account machine based you can create asset with not enabling the option Add robot asset value

please find the below screenshot

still don’t know what to do, I just want to know whether to add robot asset value, not the enabling option.


Thanks @kirankumar.mahanthi1

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your most welcome @rudgns99

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