Not able to copy/paste pics or upload files on your forum

i have been trying for the last 2 days to post pics of my automation issue so i can get some assistance, but i keep getting the error of “sorry there was an error uploading, please try again”

i need this to be fixed ASAP please, because of this issue i am not able to fully illustrate the issue i’m having with my automation, and i cannot move forward in getting help if i cant copy/paste or upload items in to my question/message on the forum

Use Snip & Sketch, then CTRL+V the image into your post/reply

i dont knw what snip & sketch is… i have the snipping tool, snagit, print screen…none of that works… but its not just copy/paste images, this site wont allow me to upload excel or word doc files either

i havent been on this site in months, i dnt knw if sumthins chgnd to where now i cant attach anything to my posts now :frowning:

Snip & Sketch is the Windows replacement for Snipping Tool.

The point is you can just copy/paste images into posts/replies. If you’re having a problem, it’s not the UiPath site - nobody else is having problems.

Maybe your company has implemented some sort of security blocking it.

Hi @jennifer.x.mora

Is this still the case for you?

Could you please try different web browsers? If this doesn’t help, a bunch of information about your environment would be helpful to understand the issue.

Hello yes unfortunately i still cannot copy/paste images or files on here :frowning: i tried 3 dffrnt browsers and i kept getting the same error,

Would it be possible to provide the full error message?

Also, while you are browsing the Forum and trying to upload an image, it would help if you could provide any errors that are in the browser’s console and the network tab:

For example, for a successfully uploaded image, each of the below requests from the Network tab should have a status code of 200 image