! A Really Helpful Tips for Forum Users While Writing A Topic and Windows Shorcut Key for Taking A Portion Screenshot!

Hey everyone

You have got questions and want to express them by attaching some images but you don’t want to save the image every time and take screenshots?

Then here are some quick tips that I use all the time in Windows 10.

1- Just hit the “Start Button+Shift+S” :
It will take a snip for the selected area and save it to the clipboard.
After that come to your topic section in your text area and hit Ctrl+V to paste the image that you copied earlier.
It will upload it automatically.

2-If you are using Firefox Browser “Ctrl+Shift+S+” and paste it by hitting Ctrl+V.

3- And there are more in this link:

And that’s all. I hope this would be helpful for expressing your questions by using these tips.

Cheers. :slight_smile: