Not able to click on dynamic radio button

Uipath Radio Button error.docx (107.4 KB)
I’m working on an application where we have to following steps:

  1. Enter Organization Code
  2. Press "GO " button
  3. Multiple options are displayed depending on the Organization Code provided.
  4. Need to click on one specific Radio button.

Challenge faced- Im not able to click on specific radio button which is besides the organization code. Able to extract the correct organization code by using activity “Click Text”.

Have attached the screenshot for better understanding.

@neetinarvekar2 ,


As per the screenshot i could see multiple line items with the same customer name. we could see lot of input options to search to get the result in the below.

Is there any possibility that we can give some more inputs to the search so that we can get only one result below so that we can easily click the radio button for one line item.

if it is not possible we have to go with dynamic selectors. before that we have to identify selector for multiple radio button and need to identify what is the difference between the radio buttons.

if you are not able to find out the difference use Ui explorer to find our some more attributes related to that. sharing my thought.

Perfect then

Hope these steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a FIND TEXT POSITION activity and pass the text you want to click accordingly
    This will give the output as uielement

  2. Then use a ANCHOR BASE activity where in left side use FIND ELEMENT activity and pass that UiElement to ELEMENT property

  3. In right side of anchor base activity use CLICK IMAGE ACTIVITY and select that radio button as a region of image

  4. This will click on radio corresponding to the text you are searching

Cheers @neetinarvekar2