Not able to assign bot to my Process

HI Team,

As I have connected my studio with orchestrator using cloud ,please see my below screenshot
image .
Here am unable to allocate a process to my bot ,am not able to view robots when am creating a job.
kindly help me .As it i have connected through does it make any difference.

Hi @karthik_kulkarni1
Can you please check if you have provisioned the right Environment for the robot to be accessible under Jobs?
Judging from your current orch version, you should see a tab Environments next to the Machines tab.

This is the screen it is showing when we connect through cloud environment in community edition,but i can able to publish the bot and can view in process,

Here i have directly connected through studio,logged through my email

image .

I don’t have idea why it is not showing.

What do you see under the Folder Overview tab?

Below Screen