Not Able To Access IdentityServer Post After Upgrade To 21.10.x Version

Possible solution if unable to access the Identity after upgrade to 21.10.x version.

Issue Description: The team can log in to Orchestrator but issue occurs during the access of the identity i.e. also moving to manage and access

Error message in Event Viewer

  1. System.Net.Http.HttpClient.OrchestratorClient.ClientHandler Received HTTP response headers after 9.9673ms - 401
  2. UiPath.IdentityServer.Application.OrchestratorService.OrchestratorClient OrchestratorClient:GetTenantsAsync returned an unexpected status code: Unauthorized
  3. Inspect from the browser and observe the 401 error.


  1. Go to the Orchestartor.dll files and check below two parameter if the above values are same

  1. Change the above two parameter to "True "

With the latest version, the Orchestrator URL {url}/account/login is deprecated. So from the latest version, login to {URL} that is used as auto-redirect to the Identity server for authorization and login to Orchestrator.

As the above parameter is not enabled so it is not redirecting to the Identity endpoints.