Unable to Login into orchestrator post upgrade to 2022.10 :

wndows security login is forced and it does not authenticate any credentials

Event in the orchestrator gives below error

Error while authenticating an external user from identity server.UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Exceptions.AuthorizationException: Error code - 1431, Message - ‘Something went wrong while requesting the tokens.’
at void UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerExtensions.EnsureSuccessful(TokenResponse tokenResponse)
at TokenInfo UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.TokenInfo.Parse(TokenResponse tokenResponse)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerServiceTokenStore.RequestClientCredentialsTokenAsync()
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerServiceTokenStore.GetAccessTokenAsync(bool forceReissue)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerApiClient.GetTokenCredentialsAsync(string reason, bool forceReissue)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerApiClient.ExecuteAsync(string reason, Func<IIdentityServerApi, Task<HttpOperationResponse>> request, bool throwIfFailed)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.IdentityServer.IdentityServerClient.UpdateUserAsync(UiUser user, string password)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Core.Services.Users.UserManager.UpdateAsync(UiUser user)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Security.Auth.Common.UserMapping.IdentityUserMapper.HandleLoginSuccessAsync(string providerKey, UiUser user)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Security.Auth.IdentityUser.IdentityUserAccessTokenAuthenticationHandler.SyncUserDetailsAsync(UiLoginResult loginResult, ExternalLoginInfo externalLoginInfo, IUserMapper userMapper, IEnumerable tokenClaims)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Security.Auth.UserTenantAccessTokenAuthenticationHandler.AuthenticateSuccessResultAsync(UiLoginResult loginResult, ExternalLoginInfo externalLoginInfo, IUserMapper userMapper, IEnumerable tokenClaims, string authenticationScheme, IEnumerable additionalClaims)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Security.Auth.UserTenantAccessTokenAuthenticationHandler.AuthenticateByTenantAndUserKeyAsync(string tokenStr, TenantDto tenant, string tenantKeyStr, Guid userKey, IEnumerable tokenClaims, bool validateUserSession, IEnumerable resultAdditionalClaims)
at async Task UiPath.Orchestrator.Security.Auth.UserTenantAccessTokenAuthenticationHandler.AuthenticateByTenantKeyAndUserKeyAsync(string tokenStr, Guid tenantKey, Guid userKey, IEnumerable tokenClaims, bool validateUserSession, IEnumerable resultAdditionalClaims)


can you put a SS


Pls check your IIS cert thumb print in uipathorchestrator.config.dll.

Refer below url.
Frequently Encountered Orchestrator Errors (uipath.com)

which Attribute in the uipathorchestrator.config.dll to be updated by Thumbprint Value

we have done the Thumbprint value update in appsettings.production.json file

we are able to login to the https:/OrchestratorUrl/Identity link where we can see Management and Orchestartor ,

However not able to login into Orchestartor getting windows security Pop Up and no credentials are getting authenticated

Which version you are using?

Is there recently updated something from your end?

Refer there is a bug fixed from UiPath end.

2021.10.5 (uipath.com)

Request you to log a ticket with UiPath if you are using enterprises version.

Get Help from UiPath Support Services | UiPath

version used is latest ,2022.10.1

yes raised the issue with UiPath support waiting for solution

these Upgrades should be easier than what it is …

Is there recently updated something from your end?

coming to thumb print, some time ACIS code will be stored as a hidden info. So, copy the thumb print in notepad++ and enable ACIS. Just for cross checking

Solved :slightly_smiling_face:
Issue would have been with the Windows authentication or basic authentication in the

Also for windows authentication NTLM is not supported


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