Err To Many Redirects

Hello again!

I successfully installed orchestrator and now faced with problem when access to

When It was installing I chose the same host names for identity server and the same certificate.

I have already read this documentation and check all options.Frequently Encountered Orchestrator Errors

Identity Server uses the same account in appPool as the orchestrator.
In firewall for port 444 the allow rule exists.

What else I can do? :crazy_face:

Hi again @Rekses!

We came across this challenge today as well. Since we had two alias, both supported by our certificates, we chose one of them, but we forgot that the alias we chose was not automatically updated in the IdentityServer database, which is created when installing orchestrator.

As I remember, you will want to check your IdentityServer database – Clientredirecturi Table (1) and check if that the URL you are trying to access is one of the values in the table.

In addition, you will have to check the Json file (settings) of orchestrator (2) and Webconfig (3) file all have the correct Orchestrator URL mentioned.

So there are three potential locations where there might be incorrect information.

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Did you use the same cert for Identity Server as for IIS Website?

That is correct. We used the same certificate for both.

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In my case the problem was with port number(444 instead 443), when I changed it orchestrator starts work clearly=)

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