No Windows(64bit archt) Compatibility Support in REFramework?

Lately, I came across an issue in UI Path. I was working on a project that needs to extract some URLs from a page, navigate to those links and extract some more data.
After starting the development, I decided to implement a queue-based approach for this project. So, I created a new REFramework project and copy-pasted my performer xaml file to REFramework project directory. At this point, UiPath started throwing errors like “invalid file format” and “compiler was stopped”. After investigating the issue, I got to know that my performer file was from a project with windows (64-bit acht.) compatibility.
Now, My question is can we implement windows compatibility projects using REFramework?
I checked it and found that we do not get this option to choose between windows-legacy and windows when we start a new REFramework project.

Kinda same problem here.

With Studio 2022.4.4 when we select to create a new project from REFramework it gives us an option to select Windows compatibility and the language. Great!


However, C# is not supported. After clicking Create an error comes: “The template does not support the selected configuration (Windows, C#)”. Only Windows with VB is supported.


Like, come on, I want to create Windows compatibility projects and I don’t want to “go back” to working with VB. Anyone has any idea when REFramework will be fixed to work with Windows and C#?

I’m also wondering why we get this error. Studio 2022.4.4. Cannot select Windows + c# with REFramework. No issue when selecting legacy…

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