REFRamework C# template error


I apologize if this has surfaced before, but I noticed this error after the last uipath update. Should we wait for an REFramework update or is there something we need to do to fix it beforehand.
The error appears when we want to create a new REF project using Windows with C# options.

Hi @MikeStrike,

You can create a REF project with Windows Legacy and C#, after creation you can convert to Windows, in my case it was working.

Kind regards,

hey Robert,

Thanks for the reply.
Indeed, we have the option to convert to Windows after creating the project.
I was trying to create the awareness of the error when selecting this combination of options.
hopefully it will come with a future update on REF.


Hi @loginerror,

Do you know if there will be an REFramework update soon for this issue?