REFramework compatibility and Studio 2021.10

My company has only recently started using UIPath. My team only has a couple of projects released. A few weeks ago we decided on two things: upgrade to the latest version of Studio (2021.10.3) and start writing libraries. We didn’t see the need to set compatibility to “Windows - Legacy” for them. Obviously, we didn’t realize that REFramework uses that compatibility. So now we’re stuck with 6 libraries that we can’t use/import. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to “downgrade” them, nor to “upgrade” REFramework.
I’m wondering what our options are here. Is there a patch coming soon that will deliver an updated version of the REFramework template? Or should we start recreating our libraries?
Any help here is greatly appreaciated.
Thank you.

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When will REFramework be available with Windows compatibility and C#?

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