No Robot Information: Trying to run Process on other machine

I have process configured correctly in orchestrator and when we try to use option to run on “Specific Robot” I dont see anything getting populated there.
I have UI path and Robot service configured on other machine and gave all the details of that other machine in orchestrator by configuring it as other robot. So in summary I have 2 robots ( as per community edition ) one running on primary and other on secondary.

However when we try to schedule process for Secondary machine or Primary machine, we should see both the robot in the list below but they are not ( in current case if you see, I have primary robot online and connected).
Attached are the possible images from 19.5.0 version.
Let me know how we can we trigger one process on Secondary machine and other process and primary machine.

Thank you!


Looks like your Job is in the Dev environment in Orchestrator. Make sure you check the Environments section, and select the Robots you want available in that environment.

Hope that helps.



Hi @ClaytonM : Thank you for your quick response. It is appearing correctly now :slight_smile:

Next , I will try to run it, 2 different jobs simultaneously on primary and secondary respectively.

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