No more RPA Developer robots available. Please update your license! (#1900)

hello, i am using community edition, i have not created any robot still its showing me this error

Hi @Reshmi_Mehta,
welcome to the UiPath forum.

Some questions
Example of my community setup. Pretty basic.

Create a folder (modern), add a robot to it

Then you would be able to connect it with the machinekey and cloud url

If not, please show us which steps you took, so we can point you to a right solution

Hi @jvanmarion thanks for reverting!

  1. these is the license allocation
  2. i did set up the machine

    however, i am unable to create a robot, it is giving me this error

I think i see your problem. In the last screenshot don’t select Attended (RPA Developer), but select the Attended (RPA Developer) PRO
That should solve your issue

Thanks a lot @jvanmarion works perfectly now

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