No log in Orchestrator for a robot

Hi ovi,

Unfortunatelly there is no such file and no Logs folder in %APPDATA%\Uipath.

Yes, I can see logs in orchestrator, there is just no log file on the machine where BO robots are running.

If I “open Logs” from tray there are everyday logs till some day. So it was working.
No clue about the cause of the problem, last entry from last existing log file is about successfully ending proces.


If you look in the NLog.config file in the UiPath Platform folder where UiPath was installed, you can actually change where the execution logs are stored. So what I’m wondering if in your case that is set to a different location in that file?

I have just compared NLog.config between machines (working/not working).
Files were exactly the same only targets were in different order.

I have changed LogDirectory by adding ‘test’ subdirectory in config and also by changing it to “Logs2”:

  1. <variable name="LogDirectory" value=${specialfolder:folder=LocalApplicationData}/UiPath/Logs/test />
  2. <variable name="LogDirectory" value=${specialfolder:folder=LocalApplicationData}/UiPath/Logs2/>

and after UiRobotSvc restart and UiPath Robot Tray restart it didnt used new location:

  • “Open Logs” from tray opened old location (…/Users//AppData/Uipath/Logs)
  • There is UIPATH studio installed on the machine, when i run it, …/Users//AppData/Uipath/Logs/Studio.log has been updated. Studio is not registered, it is a BO machine so it is not used, but opening it and canceling registration is enough to made an entry in Studio.log. So Studio.log was updated in an old location.

Do you know what exactly should be restarted to apply new log directory?
Just for sure i could overwrite NLOG with the one from working machine but something more is needed to apply new config.

I can’t answer you fully, but I do know that restarting the UiRobotSvc is unneeded for the NLog to take effect. Also, note that the AppData location used is per user so it will only show in that users folder that was used to run the job on.
Here is a link I used to change the NLog: Layout Renderers · NLog/NLog Wiki · GitHub
with info on the environment variables.

Other than that, I’m not familiar enough with the Studio settings toward Logging to help.