Logs stopped in Orchestrator

We have four orchestrator available for each environments. Logs were happening for all the process in orchestrator till last month. All of sudden logs being stopped from all the environments at the same time for all the process/robot. We don’t have access to orchestrator, only the infra team.

How to address this? What needs to be checked.


Hi @kjana83

Please follow the steps in this topic:


Thanks @ovi. Found issue on the NLog targets rules. Corrected it. Now Log happening in Orchestrator

I am also facing the Logs issue in Orchestrator. Can please help me out.

Hi Jana,
Could you please suggest the steps for nlog rules? i am also facing the same issue

Sorry for reviving , Dear @kjana83 , can you pease suggest the steps for nlog rules?

@pselvashankar , @suresh_kumar Have you guys found any solution for this issue yet?