Create directory and write files into it

I want to create a directory and then create two text files into it. I am using following work flow

but not able to get the desire output. It creates empty directory.


Hi Atul, it looks to me like you’re forgetting a “\” between dateout and the filename in your Write Text File activities. It seems like the new text files are likely being created in the D:/UIPATH/harekrsna folder, with the file name being equivalent to dateout+“now1.txt”

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Thanks @Evan_Bruns for your reply.
I want to create a folder in D:\UIPATH\harekrsna with name equal to my variable “dateout”. And file Name as “dateout+ now.txt” inside this new creates folder.
like in my case
Folder Name: 20th July (in D:\UIPATH\harekrsna)
File Name:20th July now.txt (in D:\UIPATH\harekrsna\20th July)

directry.xaml (5.9 KB)

Here is the workflow :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Niket_Ghai.

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