How to save .csv attachement as .xlsx from outlook

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My requirement is the outlook mails contains .csv attachments in it , while saving the attachments in some folder i need to save them as .xlsx and rename , how can it be achieved or any way to convert csv files to .xlsx

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changing the filetype extension will not convert a csv file to an excel file.

We would recommend to save the csv as it is and afterwards you can convert e.g

  • Read csv file activity
  • Excel write range

Hello @kavya.s16
Please follow the below steps.
1)First download the files
2)Then read the file using read range and use write range to write to .xlsx file.

You can check the below post to check the workflow.

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan the csv file has headers from 3rd row and some data in first cell so this write range is adding column1 ,column2 etc etc when converted


You can either set the range in the read range or else before to Write range use Delete row activity and delete the unwanted rows from the datatable

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan i rather unchecked the add headers in both read and write range and its working thanks]

@kavya.s16 plz close the thread by marking as solution

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One more thing my rows are starting from 3rd rows in excel and i want to new columns beside , but i use add data column its getting added at the top i.e., 1st row


Here before to write to excel itself you can add the column to datatable then insert into excel.

Else plz share the screenshot of the process you created.

but it will add to the first row itself @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

@kavya.s16 can you share the screenshot of the current output and the required output?

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